We have the power to create the life we want. We have the choice to choose.

We have the power to create the life we want. We have the choice to choose.That’s a pretty powerful statement. It’s one that we often hear in the motivational and self-improvement worlds to the point where it’s over used and undervalued. For a lot of us the true depth of it is beyond comprehension. The idea that we are in ultimate control can be frightening and overwhelming.“What if I get it wrong?”.Having the power to create the life you want, makes you completely responsible for its outcome, and at blame if it’s not how you desire. As we grow up, often, we are taught to put other’s needs before our own, to stop being selfish, and to care about others more than ourselves. While the intent of these statements are honourable, when we put them into action we are the ones who suffer. We are the ones that fore go our own goals, and dreams to help others create theirs.If we are in control of the content of our lives, then that means that we have the ability to create or destroy it. We put so much effort into keeping things the same, or pushing ourselves down that we forget, we can supply that same level of effort to lifting ourselves and improving our own lives in the direction that we wish to.You have the choice to choose the life you want, and it will take the same amount of effort to create it as it will to destroy it so why not choose to create the dream that you have in your head.

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Client Testimonials

Geoff has helped me immensely with his wisdom and caring personality during our sessions. I have seen many psychologists and therapists through the years, that don't have the persona he does and how he helps you with  your problems and life in general. I couldn't recommend him enough.


Can't speak highly enough of Geoff. He has helped me in many ways. I loom forward to every session. I have never been one to like therapists or consulting but Geoff gives u tools and reasons rather than just listening and taking ya money 😂😂 seriously give it a try. I'm glad I did.


After having lived through an abusive, emotional and verbal, relationship for 15 years . i had developed some bad mindsets and thought patterns. So i decided to See Geoff and work out some ways to reset my mind set and put some structures in place to help me change both the way I thought and my lifestyle. I also had a major phobia about dentists, so spoke to Geoff about this. After only one session he showed me a handy little tip, which i also use for other fears now too, which helped me conquer my phobia. And now have gone on to have extensive dental work without any fear at all. Starting Life Coaching with Geoff was the best decision i have ever made and would gladly recommend anyone who has any self doubts or issues, to book in with him.    


I've been seeing Geoff as a life coach since the end of May to help come to an understanding of a long term relationship ending. Through these sessions he has been able to help me identify the loss and grief that has surrounded me and help me understand that it's normal and nothing to be ashamed of and slowly accepting it. Through out our lessons he would cheer me on for what I thought were small achievements he celebrated as massive. He has helped me understand my values, why they are so important and how they make me the amazing person I am. Geoff has been incredibly understanding and nonjudgmental with everything I have spoken to him about. There's still a long way to go but knowing I have sessions with him makes it not feel so difficult anymore and he has introduced me into a lot of helpful coping strategies for my off days.


I have never used a life coach before, but after going through some major life changing events last year I needed some help.  Geoff was able to help me see things more clearly so my mind could calm down.  Geoff thankyou so much!